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Do you need to study for a new type rating or brush up for recurrent training?
At Virtual-Cockpits, we are all professional pilots, and we believe that it shouldn't cost an arm
and a leg to get the tools you want to do some studying at home.

What we presently offer:

1.    ElectroSim
We have a line of aircraft systems familiarization programs for the following Gulfstream Jets:

  1. GIV, G400, G300
  2. GIII (VSCF, AC electrical system)
  3. Gulfstream GIII (DC)
  4. Gulfstream GII
Click on one of the links above for more information, or visit our download page to get your copy now.

2.    Aproach Lights Trainer
We also have recently released a program to help you familiarize yourself with many of the approach lighting systems available
at airports throughout the world.   This 3D simulator isn't just a Powerpoint(R) presentation. It is a fully animated desktop simulator
that lets you control visibility, and approach light system type so you can practice picking up visual cues on a simulated ILS final approach.

Visit our download page to get your copy now.

3.    Online MMEL Service
Would you like to access the MMEL for your aircraft from your Blackberry or other wireless PDA?
Our online MEL service lets you do keyword searches in the MMEL so you can quickly find the information
you need, including the category and due dates if applicable, without having to dig through the book.
We currently have the GIV, GV, G450, G550, CE-750, Global 5000, and the DA2000 completed, and we add MMELs as our customers request them.
Check out our demo Gufstream GIV Online MEL to see how it works!
NOTE: The sample MMEL is not the current revision number.

At $120.00 USD per year (either one time, or by subscription) for the MMEL, it is a great deal.
Contact us if you are interested in this service and we can add your aircraft type to the list.    
If you purchase a subscription, there is no set-up fee for Online MMEL access.

NOTE: We may be able to process your company approved MEL under this system.
If you are interested, contact us for an evaluation of the project and a price estimate.

Visit our MMEL order page to get started today.

All of our programs are shareware, so you can try them for free. CDs are also available if you prefer, for a small
shipping and handling fee. Visit our Order page for details.
If you have any questions, please contact us!

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